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  • Provides English language assessment and training solutions for the shipping industry. The Marlins Test ensures no crews are operating at sea without the minimum number
  • Instructional videotape for marine industry that focuses on four critical steps if fire is discovered aboard a vessel at sea: alarm, rescue, extinguish, and contain.
  • A private sector company that provides simulator based training and port improvement studies to the marine industry - training carried out at locations in Europe and
  • Training safety videos, interactive CD ROMS and web based training for OSHA, maritime, oil, gas and construction compliance industries provided by Moxie Media, Inc
  • Produce and distribute high quality crew training materials, including videotapes about key safety and regulatory issues facing the maritime industry.
  • Prepares clients for professional underwater work, commercial diver, underwater welder, dive medic. Training underwater construction, search and recovery,
  • Ordering guide used by various marine companies around the world.
  • Independent organisation providing training services to the maritime and offshore industries. Operates a quality management system which complies with the DNV rules for
  • Offers computer-based simulation pilot training for ROVs and AUVs. Features company profile, news, products, lab facilities, and downloadable applications.
  • Offers ROV operational and technical certification. Features company profile, course catalog, and training competencies. [Cumbria, England, United Kingdom]
  • Training provider for underwater safety, diving and ROV certification. Feature company facilities and career profiles, course syllabus, and news. [Fort William,