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  • Monthly published magazine for executives and professionals in the Pakistani textile, nonwovens and embroidery industries.
  • Germany. Publishers of books and scientific studies for the textile and automotive interiors industries, focused on warp knitting technology. On-line extracts. English
  • On-line magazine for the paper, film, foil and web based industries. Directories of consultants and suppliers. Business news and reports. Career opportunities. Auctions.
  • List of technical books and publications for the textile and nonwovens industries, including excerpts and prices. From Diversified Enterprises.
  • Internet version of a Russian scientific journal for theoretical and experimental chemistry of textile materials, natural and artificial leather, and fur. English and
  • Extensive list of technical books and CD-roms about textile and nonwovens materials, technologies, processes and products. From
  • Illustrated guide to industrial weaving, covering woven fabric design and construction, weaving fundamentals, modern methods of weaving, special fabrics, fabric
  • Review of a handbook about the history of the technique and social aspects of hand knitting in Europe and the Americas, based on literary evidence. Includes a definition
  • Monthly magazine on technology and management in the sewn product industry.
  • Monthly publication on technology developments in the global textile industry, published by the China Textile Information Center. English and Chinese.
  • Monthly newsletter and annual magazine about textiles, nonwovens, apparel, chemicals, machinery and fibers for the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe and the
  • News about the trucking industry, collected from various sources on the web.
  • Collection of 23 papers from the Ecotextile 2004 Conference held at the University of Bolton, exploring recycling and the use of waste as raw materials in the textile
  • Journal for the Asian textile, apparel and nonwovens industries, focused on marketing and retail, machinery and technologies, and chemicals and chemical auxiliaries.
  • USA. Publishing house, focused on consumer and trade magazines, directories, databases and websites. Technical and industry magazines and publications for the apparel,
  • Monthly journal for managers and professionals in the yarn spinning, textile and nonwovens industries, focused on technical and technology issues. English and Turkish.
  • Quarterly scientific journal for the textile and apparel industries, focused on the publication of articles and papers about fundamental and applied research and
  • Daily newsletter for the fiber, textile and nonwovens, and apparel industries, providing business news, industry analysis and research rapports.
  • Review of a textbook presenting a coverage of yarn manufacture and technology, including operating principles, the effects of fibre properties and machine conditions on
  • Scientific journal for the global yarn spinning industry, dedicated to the publication of contributed articles and papers about developments in spinning research,
  • industrial news Activate a Storefront to generate sales leads and publish media releases Home | Business...airplanes. Thermoplastics and