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  • Description: Supply & installation of pre-fabricated chilled water pipework serving 96 No chiller units...& installation of pre-fabricated
  • supported on the beams or suspendedon drop-rods. Our prefabricated pipe supports can save time onsite for...the installation team, enabling them to support flat
  • process block... - Tankage, pipework, filtration, CIP, Process Automation - Pre-fabricated vessels to a
  • Bays MOT Trailer Tester Oil Equipment Pit Jacks Pre-fabricated Steel Pits Scissor Lifts Single Post...air operated and attaches to your existing
  • prefabricated multi-service modules including and not limited to pipework, duct-work, medical gases and all...duty rubber, the Uni-Foot allows the
  • or structure for use or occupation at its conclusion the assembly on site of prefabricated form a structure, or the disassembly on site of