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  • features: Organic farming severely restricts the use of artificial chemical fertilisers and pesticides...important part of an integrated
  • time, continuous cropping and heavy applications of fertilisers, can reduce the soils organic matter...highly refined liquid fertiliser
  • .00% Maxwell Turf Food Myco 1 7+2+8 20kg Myco 1 is a high specification homogenous organic fertiliser derived...Maxwell Turf Food Myco 1 7+2+8 20kg |
  • recommendation for the use of fertilisers, organic manures, including bio solids and composts and lime for field...management and fertiliser
  • manual weeding in the high season. Again being truly organic only farmyard manure is used for fertiliser...Mecalfe Organic - Organic
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  • Jamesfield Organic Farm [an error occurred while processing this directive] raw milk & dairy grass..., history & evolution confused about fat? choose grassfed!
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