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  • inexpensive decorative and sacrificial protective coating against atmospheric corrosion of iron and steel...Hastings Metal Finishers. Specialist
  • industries and for a multitude of purposes. It is particularly useful as a coating for bearings and bearing...other conventional hard chrome
  • plate sculptures, 'mirrors' and decorative structures for outdoor purposes through our plating solutions...electronic and connector
  • : The need for plating in the electrical and electronics industry is primarily for enhanced conductivity...and soldering. Plating services
  • Industry items for disabled persons. Hospital equipment plus many others Next page: Dip Coating in...Powder Coating (Electrostatic) -
  • specify the exact type of finish required for components, Malden Plating Ltd offers a choice of chemically...Malden Plating anodising
  • , Nickel Plating, Copper Plating exclusively brought to you... We do electroplating for all industries good for worn antiques or
  • -Static Flooring Decorative Floor Finishes Epoxy Coatings Epoxy Screeds Industrial Flooring Line Marking Polymer...wearing, seamless floor
  • Decorative Epoxy Floor Coatings Decorative Epoxy Coatings We have a range of decorative floor...coatings to provide
  • Chemical resistant coatings - tungsten carbide surface coatings from Hardide Coatings Home Contact...Coatings Base Materials
  • Protective Coatings Brass Copper Zinc Decorative Metals Indestructible Home Products Technical...Bronze & Copper Pitan Rust Remover Protective
  • ACE Waterbased Decorative Coatings - Ace Coatings Ltd [ Home Page | Contact Us | News & Events...| Links ] ACE Waterbased Decorative
  • Society of Chemical Industry - Committee Skip to page content Skip to main menu Skip to this page...Chemical Engineering and several years of
  • Resin Floor Finishes and Decorative Coatings - CSC Screeding 0845 500 4055 info...Finishes and Decorative Coatings Resin Flooring /
  • & Heaps are available in 4% tin/lead & 7% tin/lead for the decorative and hard chrome plating industries...Chrome Plating Anodes -
  • Corrosion protection, decorative coatings for components, plastic coatings Anochrome Group home...corrosion protective and
  • European PCB Manufacturers. None of the nasty chemicals associated with other plating systems, (e.g. no...Copper Plating Line12"X18"(1X100A
  • Oil and gas - EPC Thermal Spray Coatings Home About us Commitment Problem solving Career...Industries served Aerospace & Defence Automotive Oil and gas
  • machine crossing the surface. Decorative Floor Coatings Decorative floor coatings are designed to...complement the products or
  • Clairoy Maintenance Chemicals Suppliers of bulk cleaning, lubricant and maintenance chemicals for...coatings. No neutralisation of stripped