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  • Sales and technical information on particle analysis equipment, including particle size, and surface area.
  • Laser and optical components, optical filters and gratings, spectroscopic and photonic instruments and devices.
  • Supplier for high power coatings and substrates.
  • Manufactures and markets optical components, modules and subsystems. Division of Bookham, Inc.
  • Design and manufacture of optical components and assemblies. lenses, achromats, mirrors, beamsplitters, prisms, polarisers, and laser optics.
  • Offers scanning spectrophotometer instruments for non destructive determination of refractive index, extinction coefficient and film thickness by combined transmittance
  • Supplies high-quality precision positioning equipment and optics products.
  • Manufacturer of laser-optic materials, optics, components, electro-optical products and radiation detection devices from gamma rays to far infrared wavelengths.
  • Designs and builds equipment for ultra high speed imaging. CCD cameras, image converter cameras and support equipment.
  • Manufacturer of high quality optics, specialized mechanical components and instruments for use with laser diodes.
  • Specializes in the fabrication of high-resolution gray-level masks using a standard e-beam tool.
  • Designs and manufactures custom liquid-crystal Fabry-Perot (LCFP) tunable filters for visible and NIR wavelengths.
  • Laser interferometry systems, ESPI (holography) and shearography systems provide real time, non contact, full field methods for strain stress measurement and
  • Innovative method of non-contact 3-D measurement.
  • Offers telescopes, microscopes, endoscopes, cameras, night vision equipment, and special aerospace and military equipment.
  • Designs and manufactures state-of-the-art electro-optical instruments.
  • Custom lens design, illumination design, OEM optics, and product development.
  • Designs, produces and commercializes optical devices for on and offline quality control.
  • Designer and manufacturer of optical components such as singlets, doublets, triplets, mirrors, planos, prisms, filters, coatings, shutters, irises, reticles and
  • Fabricates lenses, windows, polarizers, prisms and rods.
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