Consulting and Training, United Kingdom

Consulting and Training United Kingdom Companies Worldwide
  • Provides training to human service providers in how to safely and effectively prevent and manage aggressive, self destructive, or disruptive behavior. details of courses
  • Provides consultation, training, and program development services to human service agencies, healthcare facilities, and medical providers.
  • Provides an outsourcing program for outcome measurement and management. Includes client assessment tools, reports, accreditation-compliance tools and services, and
  • Provides training in evidence-based mental health services and therapy-related products. Includes programs, calendar, products and outcomes.
  • Provides professional mental health consultation, training, and services to health care organizations. Includes seminars, newsletter articles, and blogs.
  • Offers Sufi spiritual healing combined with traditional counseling approaches for therapists and healthcare professionals. Includes services, resources, and contact
  • Offers professional training and case consultation in play, filial, and family therapy. Includes information on continuing education, certifications, and play therapy