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  • Turkish company, producing hospital furniture since 1963. Hospital beds, cabinets, stretchers, tables, chairs, metal office furniture and all other hospital furniture.
  • Manufactures medical furniture, hospital beds, stretchers and trolleys, including hospital beds.
  • Furniture and equipment for children who wait in healthcare environments.
  • Manufacturers of pediatric Cribs, Bassinets, stretchers, beds, overtables, patient and visitor chairs, multipurpose medical carts, for the acute care and long term care
  • Self-care products, mattresses and ergonomic furniture for relief/prevention of back pain, neck and repetitive strain disorders; also massage equipment and supplies.
  • Barcode point of use supply management system integrating high density storage, distribution and patient charging for hospitals.
  • Manufacturer and supplier of cubicle curtains, cubicle track, vertical blinds, shower curtains, and decorative products for the Healthcare industry.
  • Manufacturer and retailer of adjustable electric beds and accessories for people with back or mobility problems. Provide adjustable beds for hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Manufacturer of a line of PVC healthcare equipment for hospitals, nursing homes and the home healthcare market.
  • Serves the long-term medical and healthcare industries with PVC equipment. Features low resident beds, shower chairs, linen hampers and carts, laundry, and hydration and
  • Produces world class C-Arm friendly surgical, imaging and medical tables for your operating room.
  • Highest quality medical and dental cabinets for hospitals, medical centers, and private offices.
  • Healthcare furniture, wheelchair accessible and adjustable tables. Dining and activity tables for nursing homes and other residential long term care facilities in
  • Manufactures various massage chairs and massage beds.
  • Manufacturer of therapeutic support surfaces and accessories.
  • Specializing in contemporary furniture solutions for medical care, examination couches, storage units, dressing and surgical trolleys.
  • UK manufacturer of specialist seating for medical and dental applications, also offering a re-upholstery service. Includes profile, information on products, extras and