Films and Laminates, United Kingdom

Films and Laminates United Kingdom Companies Worldwide
  • Italy. Manufacturer of three-dimensionally apertured, polyethylene films for nonwovens baby care and feminine hygiene disposables, landscaping and the food industry.
  • Switzerland. Co-extruded, melt-embossed, non-toxic films and laminates for the sanitary and hygiene markets. Explanation and flow charts of extrusion technology. Custom
  • Taiwan. Breathable and non-breathable back sheet film for hygiene disposables and gloves. Also, nonwoven laminated composites for protective apparel and adult
  • Italy. Multilayered extruded polyethylene films for packaging, hygiene disposables and technical applications. Backsheets, coverstock and barrier films for
  • Italy. Mono extruded and three layer blown co-extruded polyethylene films for the packaging industry. Polyethylene and polypropylene blended barrier films, backsheets
  • Sweden. Mono and co-extruded polyethylene and polypropylene films and laminates for the packaging and hygiene disposables industries. Also, co-extruded cast embossed
  • Australia. Cast embossed and printed polyethylene barrier films for personal care products. Short descriptions of manufacturing process and products.
  • Supplier of embossed and nonwoven laminate films for healthcare and hygiene markets, with company and technological information. Richmond, Virginia, USA.
  • Germany. Multi-national manufacturers of packaging solutions for flexible plastic and paper applications. Material reels and pre-converted individual packaging for the
  • Multi-national manufacturers of release papers and films, and specialty papers and tapes. Part of the UPM-Kymmene Group.
  • France. Manufacturers of extruded, custom printed packaging solutions for the hygiene disposables industry. technical information. Part of the Flexico Group. English,
  • Castextruded, embossed polyethylene film and laminated back-sheet materials for the hygiene disposables industry.
  • France. Manufacturers and converters of laminates and liners for packaging, protection, technical and adhesive applications. Part of the Gascogne Group. English, French
  • Brazil. Manufacturers of adhesives, laminates and specialties for a wide range of industrial applications. Thermofilms and linings for the nonwovens industry. List of
  • Czech Republic. Manufacturers and processors of plastics for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications. Breathable polyethylene films for backsheets in the
  • Spain. Development and manufacture of proprietary water soluble and biodegradable polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) films for packaging, stabelizing backing for embroidery,