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  • Distributors of adult incontinence disposables, underpads, and a wide range of health care products. Direct home delivery services in USA. Part of the Paragon Marketing
  • UK. Distribution and delivery services for nonwoven and paper based hygiene disposables, washroom supplies and equipment, packaging products, and catering sundries.
  • Offers baby changing tables, child protection seats, diaper vending machines and bed liners.
  • UK. Selling cleaning supplies and equipment, and nonwoven and paper based washroom, medical and catering disposables.
  • Brazil. Marketing, service and sales company, and manufacturers' for materials, equipment and finished products in the hygiene disposables industry. representatives for
  • Cyprus. World wide wholesale of films, nonwoven fabrics, pulp, tapes, adhesives for the disposable diaper and hygiene product industries. Also, hygiene disposables and
  • Malta. Importers, manufacturers' representatives and distributors of cosmetics, oral hygiene products, make-up and hygiene disposables. Baby diapers, sanitary napkins
  • UK. Wholesale distributors of adult incontinence products and hygiene accessories. Extensive technical and consumer information. Product finder. On-line purchasing
  • USA. Wholesale distribution of discount baby diapers and adult incontinence products. Also, bibs, disposable gloves, wipes, and skin, hair and body care products.
  • Russia. Wholesale distributors of paper and nonwoven based wipes and towels for cosmetic, hygiene and industrial applications. Also, dispensers, soap and detergents, and
  • USA. Wholesale distributors of adult absorbent disposable briefs and underwear and bed pads. Also, adult size wipes and vinyl gloves. Detailed product catalogs.
  • Australia. Wholesale distributors of baby care products, wet wipes, sanitary napkins, cotton products for personal hygiene uses.
  • The Netherlands. Manufacturers of industrial cleaning wipers and products, from recycled textiles and nonwovens. Also, agents for paper and nonwovens. English, Dutch and
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