Communication Aids, United Kingdom

Communication Aids United Kingdom Companies Worldwide
  • Offers augmentative and alternative communication intervention products and presentation services.
  • Designs augmentative communication products since 1990.
  • Offers speaking aids, switches, and adaptive toys for children and adults with communication difficulties.
  • Manufactures portable text-based communication aids for people who cannot speak.
  • Manufactures and distributes augmentative communication and computer access systems for individuals who are disabled.
  • Offers ergonomic pens, grips and other handwriting aids.
  • Manufactures a portable keyboard with text-to-speech synthesizer. The included battery powered speaker talks while you type.
  • Manufactures a line of augmentative communication devices for speech impaired individuals.
  • Proposes hand held augmentative communication devices.
  • Provides advanced augmentative communication solutions.
  • Manufactures communication devices for special-needs customers in both private and public sector applications.