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  • Creates an online curriculum vitae/resume.
  • Enables users to build their resumes online, which automatically converts to an HTML format. Offers free set up and trial hosting.
  • Senior programmer/analyst and DBA, information systems position.
  • Service turns a traditional resume into a wallet-sized CD-ROM presentation.
  • Provider of interactive resumes and Web sites for media professionals.
  • Creates resume formats viewable on the Internet and converted to ASCII for e-mailing to employers.
  • Flash Portfolios and Resumes
  • Sells Flash resumes on CDs or downloaded from their site.
  • Designs webpages and prepares portfolios for artists on CD-ROM.
  • Provides career web portfolio development, hosting and education.
  • Resume builder with MS Word, HTML, and RTF templates.
  • Creates and edits an audio interview on CD-ROM format.
  • Prepares custom-designed or template-based online portfolios for executives and creative professionals.
  • Offers curriculum vitae templates that can be downloaded in MS Word format.
  • Professionally designed resume templates by employment professionals utilizing Flash graphics. Includes hosting of resume webpage.
  • Software for resume building and for searching employment offers posted on different Job Boards.
  • Provides multilingual software tools for building and managing resumes.
  • Web-based resume and career portfolios.
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