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  • Powerline surge suppressors, 110 and 220 v service models up to 20 amps.
  • Manufacturer of transient voltage surge suppression equipment.
  • Offering surge protection equipment.
  • Manufacturer of surge suppression equipment.
  • A major designer, manufacturer, and consulting experts in the field of TVSS (transient voltage surge suppression)
  • Some good information on lightning arrestors.
  • Multi dimensional company in electronic manufacturing, lightning protection, power management and power supplies.
  • Lightning Rods and information. Do it yourself lightning protection.
  • Full line supplier of lightning protection and grounding equipment for the communications and electrical industries.
  • Provides lightning protection design, engineering and testing for advanced electrical, electronic and structural systems and facilities.
  • Providing lightning protection equipment.
  • Manufacture transient surge suppressors, protectors, arrestors and power line conditioners.
  • Manufacture of surge, lightning and voltage protection.
  • Manufacturer of surge protectors, emi/rfi filters, travel converters, and fiber optic communication components. From Japan.
  • Manufacture and install static dissipation systems: grounding, surge protectors, and site inspections. Lightning protection for homes, buildings, towers, factories,
  • Specializing in transient voltage surge suppression, power quality, and engineering consultation for naval shipboard, air station, oil production and drilling, and
  • Manufacturers of zinc oxide varistors, multi-layer varistors, PTC and NTC thermisitors, and ceramic disk capacitors.
  • Lightning and transient surge protection products, filters and technical information including grounding. Free applications consulting.
  • Offers lightning protection equipment, surge arrestor and rods for self installation.
  • UK. Manufacturer of ovens, incubators, sterilisers, and furnaces. Wide range of models for research and industry.
  • Maplin Electronics : Surge Protection View our Surge Protection, Mains Electrical, Batteries...Rechargeable Batteries Battery Testers
  • ) is an appliance designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. A surge protector...surge protector passes the
  • measurement of key electrical parameters, and surge protectors for power and communications lines ensures...? Not for the Firebar range of