Optoelectronics and Fiber, United Kingdom

Optoelectronics and Fiber United Kingdom Companies Worldwide
  • Designer and manufacture of opto-electronic instruments used with lasers and fiber optics.
  • Manufacturer of digital x-ray cameras for medical diagnostic, non destructive testing (NDT), security systems, food inspection, and similar applications.
  • Manufacturer, sales of semiconductor laser, diodes, detectors, fiber communication modules and other Opto-electronic products.
  • Manufacturer a range of high quality Optoelectronics for use within the electronics industry.
  • Supplier of laser and electro-optical instrument systems for measurement, testing and analysis of laser and light sources.
  • Contract Manufacture of complete systems, specializing in optoelectronics. Seattle, Washington.
  • Manufacturer of high-performance photodiodes, radiation detectors and detector modules.
  • Manufacturer of advanced photonics, electronics and semiconductors for the space and fiber optic markets.
  • Manufacturer of optoelectronic packaging solutions and low loss optical switches also offering FEA modeling and design services.
  • Manufacturers of aspheric lenses, diffractive optics, lens arrays, micro-optics, molded optics, optical assemblies and components.
  • Manufacturers of photomultipliers, light detection assemblies and systems, and accessories for use in science and industry.
  • Supplier of lasers, electro-optics, scientific instrumentation, fibre optic components and test equipment for the scientific, industrial and medical fields.
  • Supplier of LEDs, photodiodes, phototransistors, seven segment displays to the electronics industry.
  • Manufacturers of on-line and bench-top NIR (Near Infrared Reflection) spectrophotometers.
  • Develops advanced sensors, instrumentation and mobile technology products.
  • Manufactures and markets micro-optical and optoelectronic products for the growing markets within the telecommunications and sensor industries.
  • Manufacturer of stock and customized infrared detectors (PbS and PbSe), multi-color arrays, mini infrared sources, cap/window assemblies, gas cell kits.
  • Developer and manufacturer of thermal imaging components and systems.
  • Developer and manufacturer of optoelectronic and electro-optical products and specialized CAE software.
  • Manufactures PIN and Avalanche photodiodes. API offers standard and custom hybridized packages, pcb assembly, and optoelectronic integration. Including arrays, Filtrode,
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