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  • Read about the line of firearms, accessories, and services offered by this company.
  • Offers information about Old West style, SASS suitable firearms.
  • Provides information about the broad line of weapons made by this firm. In Italian and English.
  • Provides data about pistols, revolvers, and rifles manufactured by this company.
  • Offers specifications and safety instructions for the line of firearms and accessories made in the US by this firm.
  • Offers information about this manufacturer of firearms, ammunition, accessories, and fishing line.
  • Offers information about the pistols, rifles, scopes, and scope mounts made by this manufacturer. Provides a chat room and a dealer locator.
  • Read about the wide variety of firearms, air guns, bullet traps and accessories made available by this organization.
  • Provides data about the AR-15 style rifles, custom bolt action rifles, and 1911 style handguns made by this company.
  • Rifles, Over-under, and semi-automatic shotguns are featured. also provides information on accessories, wearables, and collectibles.
  • Includes product descriptions and prices of semi-automatic versions of military machine guns.
  • Offers specifications for histor
  • Features rifles and shotguns made by this company as well as a dealer locator.
  • Features a firearms catalog, dealer list, customer service, and news.
  • Offers information about hand-made rifles and shotguns.
  • Precision target pistols and rifles made by this company are featured. In English, German, and French.
  • Specializes in remanufactured or reconfigured military firearms, parts, and accessories for civilians.
  • Read about the product includes shotguns and target pistols. Also review the company history, news, and dealer list.
  • Manufacturers of the classic Thompson submachine gun, semi-automatic versions, and model 1911 pistols. Part of Kahr Arms.
  • Recreation manufacturers of American western rifles and handguns. Features company profile, available products, and contact information.
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