Knitwear, United Kingdom

Knitwear United Kingdom Companies Worldwide
  • Produces all kinds of knitwear of any size, all colors, and different fabrics.
  • Manufacturers of piece dyed, knitted garments from cotton fiber. Private label service. Screen and heat transfer printing facilities.
  • Machine and handmade knitwear from Australian wool. Also offers bedding products, jeans, sheepskin products and local souvenirs.
  • Estonia.Knitted products from linen, cotton and wool, male, female and children's clothes and also hats and scarts.
  • Specialized in all kind of ladies' and men's high fashion. Hong Kong.
  • Italy. Design and manufacture of collections of circular and flat knitted garments for men and women, from blends of wool, polyester and cotton. Also, private label
  • China. Hand and machine knitted fashion for men, women and children, from wool, polyamide and blends. Also, embroidered, crocheted and beaded items, and accessories.
  • Manufacturer of handknitted and embroidered fashion wear for men and women.
  • Italy. Design and manufacture of large size knitwear for men and women, from blends of wool, cotton, polyamide, vicose, acrylic, silk and elastomeric yarns. Password
  • India. Diversified group of companies, active in textiles, food products, paper and vegetable oils. Carded and combed, open-end and ring spun, dyed and greige yarns for
  • UK. Specialist manufacturers of knitted corporate- and clubwear, and sports and leisure wear. Also, stock suppliers to wholesale and retail markets.
  • Hong Kong. Hand and machine manufactured knitwear for men, women and children, from cotton, polyamide, spandex, polyester, viscose, acrylic, wool and blends. Also, twin
  • Manufacturers and exporters of knitwear and woven garments, Tirupur, India.
  • Hong Kong. Spring and Fall collections of fine gauge knitted sweaters, from acrylic, wool, polyester, polyamide and spandex. On-line voice meeting place. English and
  • Knitwear manufacturers.
  • UK. Manufacture of knitwear to customer specification, and covers variables like proportions, yarn, and colours.
  • Hemp knitted fashion wear for men and ladies.
  • Bulgaria. Manufactures boutique clothes, fashion collections.
  • Manufacturers of knitted Polo shirts for men.
  • Manufacturers and exporters of knitwear.
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