Youth Can Achieve is an inspirational social enterprise which provides choices, support and empowerment to vulnerable, disadvantaged and isolated children, young people and adults from 7-30 years old.Full time solicitor and Extraordinary Woman of the Year 2010 Nikki Sharpe launched Youth Can Achieve (YCA) in 2008 (it was incorporated as a limited company in July 2009) and since its inception it has made an enormous positive impact on the lives of the young people it has engaged and supported.YCA are petitioning for a National Childrens Day. 1.6 million UK children were in absolute poverty in 2008/09 and 1.9 million children live in workless households in the UK. Childrens Day will demonstrate the UKs commitment to reducing child poverty and raising life aspirations. If you want to help make a real difference in the fight to reduce UK child poverty, please sign our petition NOW at can engage with YCA in other ways too. Get involved by speaking at one of our events, become a Corporate Partner, or volunteer. We have an excellent track record of generating media coverage of our work. For businesses wanting to engage with a high profile local community organisation or needing help to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives we can help.Get in touch via or call our Director, Nikki Sharpe, on 0114 270 3311.
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