Yipiii is the first winmarket in history – an e-commerce site that lets its users play to win their shopping. Yipiii users can play for anything that’s available for sale online from our affiliate stores, which currently include the likes of Amazon, Asda, Adidas, Boots, Currys, Debenhams, Selfidges, House of Fraser and Viagogo among others. After users top up a Yipiii account, they can choose the product they would like to win. Once the product has been selected, they are given a choice to either buy the item at the retail price, or play the game for £1 in order to win the item, which would then be shipped at no extra cost.Each play on Yipiii increases a discount balance by 1 and each item on Yipiii has a maximum discount.When a user has played the Yipiii game and has an active discount balance, he can use said balance to effectively reduce any items final price. This is done by Yipiii returning the equivalent to the maximum discount to the users cash account, which can then be used to either play again or be withdrawn.
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