THE LOGISTICS BUSINESS Limited has developed into one of the UK’s leading specialist logistics and supply chain consultancies with an enviable portfolio of clients from small to major international organisations. Our logistics consultancy activities cover most aspects of the supply chain. We work at all levels from strategic where we are helping clients to look at new ways of managing the flow of materials through their procurement and distribution networks, to the day to day logistics activities where we are helping to deliver improvements to warehousing and transport operations. Supply chain re-engineering is a core part of our activities and to support our work we have developed a unique suite of modelling tools which work around a common database.We work on all aspects of warehouse design and transport operations. In particular, we have considerable experience of warehouse automation and we have been involved in many automated handling projects in a variety of industries throughout Europe. We are the UK’s if not Europe’s leading consultancy in this area. Environmental issues are of growing concern to our clients and we have recently enhanced our services to include environmental transport audits and related activities. We have considerable experience of computer systems and software for warehousing and distribution. We can provide logistics IT consultancy and in particular we can help draw up requirements for computer systems, prepare Invitations to Tender and write detailed functional specifications.We have considerable project management capability and we can provide an experienced project management team to work with the client to help develop new facilities or implement changes to the supply chain.In recent years we have developed our capabilities in construction logistics and have an established software package for managing construction site logistics.
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