Are your drivers a business risk?The Licence Bureau Service enables you to quickly perform driver licence checks for all your drivers against current DVLA and DVLNI records we then continually and automatically re-check them for you.The Licence Bureau’s unique approach minimises your risk of employing disqualified drivers, while ensuring your business complies with complex driver management legislation so reducing your corporate risks and your insurance premiums typically by 11-13%.The Licence Bureau was the “first” company to develop a unique driving licence verification system based on a three year mandate accessing the DVLA driver database.This entitles us, with your drivers’ permission, to access their DVLA driver record at any time during the three year term with no further recourse to the driver. Our service complies with the requirements of the DVLA and the Data Protection Act providing you with clear concise and meaningful reports.Our systems constantly keep you fully informed of all relevant compliance issues, so you’re in control of managing your drivers, vehicle, fleet, costs and risks.If you’d like discuss reducing the risks, costs and hassle of managing your drivers please contact us today on 01442 430980 or
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