We are the Freelance Cooperative. We are freelance graphic designers working in Newquay, Cornwall and Market Harborough, Leicestershire. Between us we have over 30 years of commercial experience in design for print, packaging and digital design.The idea for Freelance Cooperative came from our collaborations on several projects. We discovered that by combining our skills we could offer clients an agency type service, but at a fraction of the cost.Paul is based on the coast in Newquay (yup, he surfs!) and has clients in the property, lesuire, food and sports sectors.Emma is based in landlocked Leciestershire (surprisingly she doesn’t surf!) and has worked across a broad range of business sectors including, local council authorities, law and accountancy firms, an international market research company and a global investment company. Emma specialises in marketing led design.All of this gives Freelance Cooperative a broad experience in many industries and a great geographic reach.
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