Founded in 2011, Foodtous Limited aims to make the world a better place by helping people place takeaway orders online. We are passionate about food and the latest technology. We are driven by the ambition to provide the widest possible food choice to the general public. Whether you are the largest takeaway franchise on the high street or a small start-up sandwich cart - we would recommend you to have your menu available on our website. We believe that providing takeaways / restaurants with simple technology to upload their exciting menus, opening hours and location details. This gives us the ability to provide a platform to find the best food experience for our customers. As a small start-up company ourselves trading in one of the worst economic environments, we also realise how difficult it is to convince the market that you have the best products. Hence, we would especially like to give small businesses providing the best foods the opportunity to access the widest market possible. Given the complicated technical side of running a website, online marketing and understanding the respective technologies surrounding online ordering - we would like businesses to concentrate on providing the best food and leave us to think about everything else through various partnership options.
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