Eazy Collect Services Limited is a specialist BACS Approved Direct Debit Bureau (B21006) and payment management specialist that has been providing bespoke direct debit solutions and BACS processing requirements since 2002.Our solutions are already robust and secure and are regularly monitored to ensure that data handling and payment processing is executed safely and efficiently like clockwork every time.Eazy Collect endorses an easy to understand & transparent pricing structure for our core Direct Debit provision and other BACS related services. Besides the main provision of outsourced BACS processing services, we can also help your organisation by: Adding a paperless DD to your telephone or website customer DD setup process Provide a securely hosted & branded online DD setup portal Provide a disaster recovery or Bureau back-up service Via our API, integrate our BACS Bureau with your billing platform or CRM databaseLet Eazy Collect handle the work to reduce costs, ensure the security of sensitive data and streamline your direct debit processing.Please contact us on 01242 650052 or visit www.eazycollect.co.uk
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