The Communications Consumer Panel was established under the Communications Act 2003 as the independent, policy advisory body on consumer interests in telecommunications, broadcasting and spectrum markets (with the exception of content issues).Based on evidence, we advise Ofcom, the communications regulator, Government, the EU and others on how to achieve a communications marketplace in which the communications interests of consumers and citizens are protected and promoted.We set our own agenda but work constructively with the Ofcom Board. This enables us to give strategic advice on policies early on in their development - before they are consulted on - so as to build consumer interests into Ofcoms decision-making from the outset.The Panel has paid particular attention to the needs of older people and people with disabilities, to the needs of people in rural areas and people on low incomes, and to the needs of small businesses, which face many of the same problems as individual consumers.The Panel publishes a monthly newsletter providing a round-up of its activities and current issues affecting consumers in the communications market. If you would like an email alert when the newsletter is published, please email
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