C.I.Agent is a unique proprietary blend of polymers that transforms hydrocarbons such as oils, diesel and petrol from a liquid into a rubber-like solid within minutes. C.I.Agent polymers have been carefully selected to offer an innovative solution to hydrocarbon pollution whilst being environmentally friendly and offering a reduction in total cost of ownership. home* Fulfil your corporate responsibility* Meet regulatory requirements* Reduce your total cost of ownership* Be environmentally friendlyC.I.Agent Solutions Limited is able to offer a range of bespoke or existing solutions that all utilise C.I.Agent’s innovative polymer technology. C.I.Agent Solutions offers a very unique approach to hydrocarbon pollution, and because of the nature of the product its solutions are robust, versatile, highly effective, and environmentally friendly.C.I.Agent is new to the United Kingdom having proven to be a highly efficient, robust solution to pollution prevention and spill clean-up in the USA and Australasia. Market sectors supported include Defence, Utilities, Construction, Spill response, Industrial and recreational Marine and much more. Our products fit in with the UK regulatory requirements for a broad range of scenarios. Please contact us to learn more about C.I.Agent and how it can reduce your businesses costs and improve your overall performance when managing pollution control.
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