Carbis Filtration core business is primarily focused around the design + manufacture of liquid + gas filtration products + equipment for the separation of solids from liquids, solids from gases + dissolved contaminants from process liquids + gases. Our products include Wedge Wire Screens, Process Filtration Equipment, Activated Carbon Products and Filters, Metal Filter Elements + Candles, Filter Housings + Vessels, Centrifuge Screens + Baskets, Wire Cloth Products, Sintered Metal Mesh Filters + Sintered Powder Products, Water Treatment Equipment + Architectural Screens. We also offer a range of filtration equipment for hire for the removal of suspended solids + dissolved organics. We refurbish, clean + repair filtration equipment, metal screens, filter elements + candles + we also manufacture spares for many types of filtration + screening equipment. We have the facilities for hydrostatic testing of pressure retaining equipment + offer bubble point testing of metal filter elements.

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