The current management team of Beaumonts has its roots in both the large national insurance brokers operating in the 1990s and local independent insurance brokers of the same era.Both of these types of business had very different styles from each other, with the national brokers being based on consultancy services and the independent largely focusing on providing straightforward insurance based solutions.Both models had strengths and weaknesses and from many collective years of observing how they worked, the idea to create a hybrid, getting the best of both worlds and then building an entirely different way was born.In March 2001, the management team joined a traditional local broker who they would transform in to a dynamic risk consultancy utilising the ideas that had been so regularly frustrated by the constraints inherent in the insurance broking business.Call us now on 0845 607 6154 to discuss your requirements with one of our expert advisorsAlternatively you can email us at:
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