Gases, United Kingdom

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  • An Italian based multinational company offering production, distribution and sales of industrial, medical and food gases and related products.
  • A manufacturer, importer, exporter and worldwide distributor of specialty, rare, industrial and liquid gas products including supplies, hardware and equipment for the
  • Manufactures high purity gases and gas mixtures in high pressure and disposable containers.
  • Provider of industrial, medical, and specialty gases, gas handling and cryogenic equipment, welding equipment and supplies in New York and Connecticut, USA.
  • Supplier of specialty gases for research, analytical, medical, and calibration as well as supplier of process chemicals used in manufacturing processes.
  • European producer of bulk carbon dioxide, offering bulk liquid, cylinder, and dry ice forms. Includes technical information and specifications.
  • Distributor and manufacturer of specialty gases and gaseous chemicals and associated equipment, supplying Hong Kong and China.