Recovery Audit, United Kingdom

Recovery Audit United Kingdom Companies Worldwide
  • Recover the money you did not realize was owed to you.
  • Invoice payment recovery services.
  • Dedicated to the discovery and recovery of lost profits in your accounts payable and telecommunication areas of your business.
  • Specializes in financial transaction analysis to recover financial leakage.
  • Post payment audit of ocean transportation bills, pre-audit of all types of transportation bills, inspection, billing and collection services, revenue recovery,
  • Construction audit services to prevent and recover overcharges for construction projects.
  • Overpayment recovery services to manufacturing clients.
  • Financial recovery, compliance audit and business process engineering services. Head office in Nevada.
  • Offers a review of procurement processes and associated agreements through a recovery audit.
  • Recovery audit firm with operations in the United States and Canada.
  • Certified Public Accountants who specialize in recovery audits.
  • Professional services company providing recovery audits.
  • Recovery audit services helping our clients identify and recover lost profits.
  • Recovery management solutions including letter writing and outsourcing services; attorney referral network; asset based and crisis management; asset and liability
  • Overpayment recovery audits, contract compliance audits, fraud and security consulting, and sales and use tax audits.
  • Specialists in oil
  • South African accounts payable recovery firm, who review accounts payable and procurement information to identify and recover overpayments or under-deductions from